What makes Mike Kirk one of the most sort after personal trainers in North London?

Qualifications and experience

Mike is a personal trainer based in London and has been actively involved in the fitness industry for over 12 years. He has gained a wealth of experience, having worked in a total of 7 gyms, but currently works from his base at Fitness First in Angel, Islington – just north of London city. Mike has been working under the professional moniker of Sculpt & Shape for the last 6 years and, prior to this, worked as an in-house personal trainer for Green’s Health and Fitness.

Aside from being a YMCA level 3 personal trainer, Mike has also studied nutrition, circuits and kettle-bell training. In addition, Mike holds qualifications in swimming instruction and has trained as a Life Coach; the latter continuing to equip Mike with innovative and original ideas for the enhancement of his clients’ motivation and enjoyment.

Personal life & fitness

It is Mike’s belief that, to have a good body and a good level of fitness, you must be in good health.

Therefore, he strives to lead by example and is extremely disciplined regarding his diet and fitness regime. He is a strict vegetarian, but is not against the consumption of meat in moderation and does not impose these values upon his clients.

With a passion for reading, amongst other things, Mike takes a keen interest in the subjects of diet, fitness and psychology.

Because of his love of fitness and his passion towards helping people to achieve their goals, Mike runs a Facebook group with over 900 members and continues to provide satisfying, no-nonsense answers to their fitness questions, absolutely free!

Mike’s training perspective

Mike believes that, to achieve a great body, you must first master your diet, so he insists that all of his clients eat healthily before they even think about breaking a sweat.

Should you train with Mike?

You should be aware that, in order to see results, it is most likely that certain lifestyle changes will have to be made. Mike is passionate about the success of his clients and will not let you fail, but beware: he does ask a lot from you! This is what Mike has to say:

“If you are looking for a way to lose weight or improve your body but you are not looking to change your diet and lifestyle then I cannot help you! I advise these people to accept the way they are and move on with their lives…. For those looking to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, you have come to the right place. Give me all that you have and I will give you everything you are looking for!” – Mike Kirk


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