Train Less – Achieve More!

Long workouts just don’t cut it!

The Problem

I can’t count how many times I have been told “I train so much, but I never seem to get a result!”. If you are struggling to get what you want from your training maybe you are spreading yourself too thin.

Big long workouts may cause good results for a couple of weeks, but it won’t be long before you hit a plateau. Keep up the same style of training and you can expect very slow results if any at all.  When you workout for a long time you end up rationing the amount of effort you put into your sets. As you get towards the end you will not be lifting your best and you will be eating into your vital resources. If your blood sugar is low you may even be eating up your muscle and converting it into sugar. Rather than anabolic your workout becomes catabolic and you get nowhere

“So how to I train to get the best result?”

What you need to achieve a lean, “toned”, firm physique:

– Train only for one goal

A big mistake in the gym is to spread yourself too thin. If you want to see improvements in the gym you need to focus on one thing at a time. Remember as soon as you achieve your first goal you can move on to the next. You can still achieve everything you want. You just have to split them up.

– Keep your workouts short and to the point

There is no best amount of time to train in the gym, but think about it this way. Go to the weights area with the aim of stimulating growth without depleting your resourses. That means you need to lift as heavy and as accurately as possible while keeping your workout as short as possible. 

– A training programme

Most people go to the gym unprepared. If you want a great physique or even just some notable improvements you need to be following a programme that is specific to your needs.

– Periodise your workouts

Your workout routine should only be carried out for around 4 weeks. After this; if you continue, you will almost certainly his a plateau or a slow in results. It is best to move on before this happens, but just as important your following programme must be able to maintain the previous result while aiming at something new. For this it is helpful to have a personal trainer write your programmes for you.

– A well thought out diet

Your diet should be aimed at what you want to achieve, but more importantly it must be healthy. A healthy diet is essential for continued results. If you want to see more on how to eat healthy take a look at some of the recipes and some of the articles on healthy eating.

– Monitor everything

Another mistake that people make in the gym is to try to remember everything or to ignore the details and just wing it. I ask my clients to measure everything. These are what you need to be monitoring on a daily basis:

  • Workouts (weights, exercises and timing)
  • Diet (food,drinks and time)
  • Weight (just as a rough guide)
  • Measurements (body fat %, waist, muscles, problem areas or areas for improvement)


If you want good results in the gym it is essential that you keep your workouts specific and to the point, but more importantly you need to be disciplined. If you aren’t sure how to go about something, get some reading material from the library, the book shops, the internet and consider joining online forums to learn from others experiences and mistakes before you attempt it on your own. If this all seems a little daunting you may want to consider hiring a personal trainer.



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