Cooked vs Raw

Why eating more raw food may be better for your health and your training.

The Problem

We all love a tasty hot meal, but are you getting everything your body needs from your food? The average diet consists of mainly cooked/processed foods. When you cook food you are damaging the proteins and literally destroying a lot of the goodness in the food. Most importantly you are stripping your food of vital enzymes.

So how have you got away with it thus far? In our organs and tissues we have a reserve of enzymes that help us to break down our food and complete tasks around our bodies. The problem is our reserves are running low and this causes food to be undigested and fester in the colon. Even worse this causes rapid ageing of the body, a slower metabolism and worse chronic illness.

Now you may say “OK I understand this is bad for my health, but I just want to get in shape!” So how does this affect your training? Most people come to me telling me that they would like to lose some excess pounds and “tone up”. To avoid looking ill you will most likely need to put on some muscle as this is the only way you will achieve that “toned” look. However muscle is highly demanding on the body and so is exercise. Muscle is living tissue and unlike fat it requires feeding to stay alive. On top of that when you exercise your body uses more enzymes from your organs and tissue. You are depleting your resources. If your body is depleted in nutrients or enzymes it will not risk putting on muscle and the exercise you are doing could be seriously damaging your health by stripping your body of vital enzymes.

The facts

An experiment performed at the Michael Reese hospital in Chicago tested an age group of 21 to 31 against a group of older people aged between 69 to 100. It was shown that the younger group had 30 times more amylase in their saliva than the elderly group. This is because a lifetime of eating majority cooked foods will deplete your reserves and leave you struggling to digest your meals.

How can you fix this?

Firstly start eating a diet higher in raw fruit and vegetables. Try to vary your diet and eat a wide variety of coloured vegetables throughout the day. On top of this you can take enzyme supplements to help build up your reserves. Some enzyme supplements are so effective if you empty just one capsule into a bowl of porridge you will see the oats digest before your eyes.

Enzyme supplements

If you are looking for a great enzyme supplement you should try Lamberts – Digestizyme


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