I eat a healthy diet. So why am I not losing weight?

Why there is more to healthy food than meets the eye.

One of the first questions I ask a new client is “what can you tell me about your diet?”. The most common answer…. I eat healthily! But what is a healthy diet and why if you are eating so healthy do you still struggle to lose the excess weight?

Is it really healthy?

With the western world so overly marketed with health products, it is no wonder that most people find the topic of healthy food confusing. You are constantly surrounded by magazines, websites, TV adverts and high street shops encouraging you to buy their “healthy” foods, drinks and supplements. So what is wrong with that? Let me show you!

When is a food healthy?

A food is generally healthy in its most natural “live” state. That means freshly picked, raw, organically grown and unmodified. In this state this food is considered “living” and has many health benefits due to its nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes amongst other things. Once you cook a food you destroy vital enzymes and nutrients, you are basically denaturing it or “killing” it! It will lose much of it’s health value, but not its energy. Foods that have been cooked have a low health to energy ratio, cells have been damaged and enzymes are “dead”. These foods not only promote obesity, but in large quantities they can seriously damage your health.

Not more bad news?

You thought you were being healthy when you bought that smoothie from the supermarket. Unfortunately all smoothies and juices (even the ones that say freshly squeezed) have been cooked, unless otherwise stated on the packaging (very rare). This is what the industry calls pasteurising. These drinks are far from healthy. They will cause damage. Every time you consume cooked “enzymeless” food you are stripping your body of vital enzymes that are stored in the tissues and organs of your body. While you are young, this will go unnoticed, but as your stores deplete later on in life, you could suffer from numerous disorders and diseases, let alone ageing rapidly. Not only this there are very few packaged foods that have not been heat treated to preserve them on the shelves, in an effort to reduce wastage.

The good news!…You can eat cooked food and still be healthy.

All you need to do is make sure you get enough raw. If you want to maintain or even improve your health, just make sure your diet contains mostly raw food. As long as you consume a decent amount of fruit, and raw vegetables (salads) each day, you can still enjoy hot meals. As this will ensure that you are allowing your body to top up its enzyme reserves and get some nutrients in there while your at it. Though I would strongly suggest making your food from scratch! Foods that are pre-made are generally processed, precooked and often full of chemicals. To avoid this, stick to the fruit and veg isle and learn to make your favourite foods from scratch. It may take a little longer, but it is much more satisfying!

The last word…

If you are looking to lose weight, or just to be a bit more healthy, it’s time to experiment with raw food. Add more raw fruit and vegetables into your diet and you’ll likely see changes to your health and physique in just a matter of days. If you’re not savvy in the kitchen and you need help with preparing your food from scratch, just take a look at some of the recipes on the website.


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