Put your body at a disadvantage to give your physique the edge!

Learn how putting your body at a disadvantage will improve your results 10 times over!

If it’s designed to make exercises easier it won’t help you!

I have now worked in 7 gyms and in every one of them I see “fitness gimmicks”! These include abdominal (sit-up) cradles, Power plates and gym balls. These things are commonly used to make an exercise easier. This is a good way to ruin your workout and waste your time!

It’s not just the gimmicks, it’s the bad advice too!

When I first started training in the gym it confused me too. You get it from friends, family, gym goers, magazines and even gym staff. Because of this bad advice it can be so hard to recognise the truth, but if you really want great results it all comes down to one simple rule…

When you are lifting make it harder!

One thing I come across regularly in the weights area is people with poor form. When your technique is bad it almost always means you are going easy on yourself. If you want to get the most out of your training, you must make it harder! Your body doesn’t recognise the number printed on the dumbbell, only resistance. That means 10kg throw’n in the air feels a lot lighter than the same weight lifted gracefully. Below are some important areas to focus on.

  • Slow your reps to cut out all momentum.
  • Extend your limbs all the way on exercises like lateral raises
  • Use a full range of motion to activate all areas of the muscle
  • Do compound lifts (multiple joint) to add stress and increase hormone activity

The last word

Training is not about taking part, it’s about progress. Lifting weights is not just a daily pass-time, it’s an art! If you want a body others only dream of, it’s time to step up! You need to make progress on your lifts, but not only that, you need to constantly improve your form and find ways to put your body at a disadvantage while exercising.

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