That treadmill will get you nowhere!

Why you should sell the treadmill and use your time more effectively

“…but isn’t running the best way to lose weight?”

Sorry to break it to you but if you’re running to lose weight you are just wasting time. I have seen so many people try to drop their excess pounds on the treadmill and I have seen very few manage any weight loss at all. The few that have lost weight and claim to have done it running usually forget to mention their recent dietary changes.

“Surely treadmills are a great way of burning calories?”

Yes. It is, but that won’t help you! Burning calories is easy but isn’t as useful as you would think… I know, I know! You’ve heard different. Of course you have so has everyone… But now I’m going to take you a little deeper down the rabbit hole! If you are thinking of turning back, do it now. Otherwise come this way!

The reality of aerobic exercise for the purpose of fat loss

Your body uses three main sources of energy. I will simplify them to fat, sugar and protein. In an emergency sugar is the quickest and easiest for the body to break down. After that comes protein and then fat. This is why people who starve their way thin rarely look toned, as the muscle is used up before their fat stores. So what has this got to do with aerobics and treadmills? Everything! Run on a treadmill and you are guaranteed to burn calories but what are you burning? Well firstly sugar (that comes from your blood). Once your non-essential sugars have been used up your body will start to break down protein (muscle tissue). So when do you start burning fat… You probably wont use any at all. Your best chance of burning fat after aerobics is in the event of your body trying to replace your muscle stores.

More bad news about aerobics and fat loss…

Muscle is an essential part of maintaining a healthy metabolism. It is living tissue that is calorifically expensive and needs to consume energy to stay “alive”. As aerobic exercise causes muscle wastage (atrophy), this lowers the metabolism from that point on and causes the body to run at a slower rate. Simply put, you now burn less calories on a daily basis PERMANENTLY! (unless you find a way to put it back of course).

The dangers of oxidative stress (“Not more bad news!?”)

Definition of oxidative stress… A series of reactions to increased use of oxygen, including the production of potentially harmful “free radicals”

…’fraid so! Spending long periods of time doing aerobic exercise causes a process called oxidative stress. Although oxidative stress is pretty much impossible to avoid, it should definitely not be encouraged! Here’s some of the negative side effects of oxidative stress…

  • Fatigue
  • Joint & bone problems
  • Rapid ageing (it has been theorised that large amounts of aerobics can cause more skin ageing than smoking)
  • General ill health
  • & even weight gain!

The last word…

Treadmills may have some uses but I honestly believe there are better, more effective and safer ways to exercise and lose weight. Call me a broken record, but the most effective way of dropping your extra pounds is good nutrition while using certain exercise techniques as an added support. If exercise is to be used as a method of weight loss why not use it to build muscle and develop a metabolic foundation?

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