Should you eat before you train?

Is it really productive to eat before a workout?

Eating first can drop your blood sugar…

It seems simple right? Grab a snack before training and you’ll have more energy to train… Wrong! There is only so much sugar can be stored in the blood. Any more and you will stimulate the hormone insulin to take it away, often leaving you with low blood sugar. This is most likely to happen with sugary snacks.  

Eating affects blood flow…

“So what about instead of a sugary snack I have a sensible meal?” This is no good either. Because of the way we have evolved our bodies have been programmed to prioritise the digestive process. This means if you are digesting food your heart will send blood to circulate around the digestive organs rather than the muscles you are wanting to work. This means weak lifts, poor runs and most likely an upset stomach.

Training empty can be a problem if you aren’t used to it!

If you usually grab a snack before you train you may find training empty a problem. Nausea, dizziness and shaking are common side-effects. If you are planning on altering your eating/training habits it may be best to transition slowly.

Start by improving your diet.

Eating a diet higher in fruit and vegetables (especially in their raw state) will help to curb your hunger and balance your blood sugar. In just a few short weeks you may find that not only you can train empty, but your having the best workouts of your life!

The last word…

If you are used to consuming high sugar food or drinks before training and you would like to try training empty, transition over the the next few weeks by generally improving your diet with additions of fruit and vegetables and choosing lighter, low sugar options before workouts and in no time at all you are sure to have much steadier, stronger workouts.

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