Why women shouldn’t worry about getting bulky

The truth about why training with weights won’t make you bulky.

But surely I will get bulky if I train with weights?

You want to get shapely arms and a flat stomach, but you don’t want to risk getting huge muscled arms and broad shoulders. Stop worrying! It wont happen and I’m going to tell you why… 

There are three types of bulky women

Type 1 – A woman who did sports or other intense physical training through puberty.

Puberty causes all sorts of changes in the body. One of these changes is increases in testosterone, growth hormone and other temporary hormonal changes. With intense training these hormones will cause a man/woman to grow dramatically. If you’re over 20 you have nothing to worry about. These 

Type 2 – Women that carry too fat will look bulky.

Often people mistake fat for muscle. muscle is not usually bulky in appearance. It is hard and lean. You need a huge amount of muscle to look big and as a woman you just don’t have the hormones for it. If the women you are thinking of don’t have hard muscles, what you are looking at is probably fat.

Type 3 – Women that take anabolic steroids.

The only other way I have seen a woman big enough you would regard her as “bulky” is if she has been taking anabolic steroids. Testosterone or similar hormones can be injected or taken orally to alter the body’s natural hormone balance. These women are a rare breed and you can spot them very easily due to the loud gym grunts and the square jaws. These women develop masculine features, not just in the form of muscles, but in facial structure and body hair.

The last word

Training with weights won’t make you bulky, but don’t feel you have to take my word for it. If you read about actors, singers, dancers and models you will find most of them have been using weight training to enhance their physiques. So if you’re looking at firming up I suggest picking up a decent weight training programme or grabbing a few sessions from a personal trainer to help you learn the ropes.

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