A powerful dietary trick that will make you lose fat quick!

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The problem = Night-time carbohydrate overflow

One of the major reasons you become overweight is the overflow of carbohydrates in the body at night. This is because during or sleep we have very little use for this excess energy and this causes us to store fat.

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The Sculpt & Shape fix =

  • Eat more of a variety of foods when you wake.
    Don’t eat so much that you feel over-full, but eat your breakfast as your main meal.
  • Throughout the day eat regularly.
    Have a small meal every 3-4hrs and consume minimum 2 liters over the day.
  • You should not eat in the last three hours before sleep.
    This will causes there to be more energy than your body has a use for and you will store fat.
  • Your last meal should be light.
    It should be low in carbohydrates (such as potatoes, pasta and fruit), low in fat and mainly vegetation. 
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