Push-up Like a Pro – Part 1: 5 Key Points of Knuckle Push Ups

Learn To Push Up Like a Pro

Warning! Some of the exercises in this can be dangerous and should be carried out with caution and should not be practiced alone!

Your first push up is a fantastic breakthrough in to the world of body weight exercises. In fact when it comes to transforming your physique it is one of the most important moves you can learn, but where should you go from here?

A push up is nothing without progression!

Like anything in life, to achieve something you must strive to move forward. Repeating your workouts and exercises will maintain what you have, but it won’t help you to achieve your goals. Sculpt and Shape is all about progress and we are going to teach you how to move your push-ups forward and “push up like a pro”.

Knuckle push ups


The benefits of knuckle push ups

By moving onto your knuckles you will not only toughen your hands and increase discipline but you will be able to achieve more depth of range. This will help to stretch the chest muscles and increase size and strength to your chest.

How to do knuckle push ups

Point 1: With your hands clenched and your thumbs wrapped around the outside, place your fists on a soft mat 1.5x your shoulder width and rest your weight onto your fists and your knees.

Point 2: Keep your back straight, your hips level and your head neutral. This will help you to test if your knuckles will be able to take the weight. If this is challenging continue training like this until your knuckles are strong enough to take more weight.

Point 3: Keeping your eyes focused forward in front of you (instead of down) will help you to keep better posture as you will have more awareness of your body in this position. Lower your chest deep toward the floor and breath in. Now powerfully explode upwards and lock your elbows.

Point 4: As you push, it is important that you fully exhale. Correct breathing will increase the oxygen in your body allowing you to lift harder and will pressurize your body when you most need it (at the weakest part of the move).

Point 5: Once your knuckles feel conditioned to take more weight, lift your knees to line up with your back and rest your weight on your toes (the closer your feet, the harder it will be). Your hands should be level with your chest (not your shoulders) and your back must remain straight. If you are comfortable with the extra weight, do as many push ups as are comfortable.

When to move on

As mentioned earlier, there is no point in repeating your workouts and long sets will do very little for muscular development. So we suggest 15 reps as your cut off point. Once you are able to practice one of our push ups (with flawless form of course) over 15 times it is time to move forward. Continue to practice these, but it is time to up your game and make progress!

Next post: Part 2: 5 Key Points of Single-arm/One-arm Push Ups



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