Push-up Like a Pro – Part 2: 5 Key Points of Single-Arm Push Ups

Learn To Push Up Like a Pro


Warning! Some of the exercises in this can be dangerous and should be carried out with caution and should not be practiced alone!

Once you can do standard push ups, you’ll be wanting to move on. Keep this mind set in everything you do in the gym and the sky is the limit. We are now going to show you a move that you’ll most likely struggle with at first. Not only will it give you a boost towards your new physique, but it doubles up as a great party trick.

One-Arm Push Ups


Unlike standard/knuckle push ups, one-arm push ups require not just strength but great form, excellent core strength and superior balance.

The benefit of one-arm push ups

One-arm push ups will leave your abs and obliques toned and tight!

Once you have mastered this move you are guaranteed to see changes in your appearance. You will soon see an improvement in your musculature, especially around your shoulders and chest. Also if you aren’t already there, once you have stripped away the excess fat surrounding your abdominals you will be pleased you did these.

How to do One-Arm Push Ups

Single-arm Duo

Point 1: It’s all about shifting your weight. Imagine for a second your body is a chair with your hands being the front legs and your legs being the back. Now what would happen to this chair if we were to remove one of the front legs? Exactly! This chair is now very unstable. To fix this you could weight the chair by placing a weight on the diagonally opposite corner. We can achieve something similar by shifting your body weight over to the opposite side.

Point 2: Start in a standard push up position with your back straight, your hands level with your chest (not your shoulders) and your shoulders drawn back towards your hips.

Point 3: Shift your hips to the opposing side to the arm you plan to lift. This will shift your weight and assist your balance during the exercise.

Point 4: Now test by lifting the arm slightly and coming up onto your fingertips. Feeling confident? Lift your arm and place it behind your back.

Point 5: The next step is to test your strength. Keeping your weight shifted to the side, gradually lower yourself down a few inches and push back up. If you feel confident, see how low you can go without losing your balance. The aim is to get your chest almost to the floor.

If you aren’t quite there yet, just concentrate on the negative reps. Slowly lower yourself down to the mat, get back up using two arms and repeat.

When to move on?

Once you can do 15 perfect reps it’s time to progress to the next level. After all that’s what training is all about.

Next post: Part 3: 5 Key Points of Weighted/Unstable Push Ups



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