Push-up Like a Pro – Part 4 – 5 Key Points of Suspended Push Ups

Learn To Push Up Like a Pro

Warning! Some of the exercises in this can be dangerous and should be carried out with caution and should not be practiced alone!

Ok this exercise is the prince of push ups if you get this far you are seriously ahead of the game. This is an intense chest, shoulder and core strength exercise. This exercise is a transition into the world of serious body-weight training!

Suspended push ups

Suspeded push ups

The benefits of Suspended push ups

Taking your feet of the ground and using straps such as “TRX” you will take your core to the next level. Though you should not take this exercise lightly. It has it’s risks and should only be attempted once you have mastered the last few stages of our “Push-up like a pro”. Once you have overcome this final obstical you will have opened the doors to a more natural, more gymnastic way of training that will literally change you forever!

How to do Suspended push ups

Point 1: Attach your suspension straps (TRX, Jungle Gym XT etc…) to a secure wall mounted chin-up bar.

Point 2: Adjust the straps until they are level with your mid thighs. (we recommend using a boldering mat below you just in case you slip)

Point 3: Facing away from the wall place your hands around the handles and using the tension from the straps, with straight arms walk up the wall backwards. (This may take several attempts).

Point 4: Level out your body and get in a level push up position with  your arms straight and slightly in front of your chest (If you can’t hold these straps still you may not be ready. In this case continue to practice your push ups using unstable grips eg. feet on the floor hands on TRX). Once you are able to control the straps you are ready.

Point 5: Keep your abs tight and your back muscles tense, with your head in a neutral position and your eyes forward begin with a shallow press to get a feel for the exercise. As you become more confident you may take the stretch deeper until you are able to get your chest level with your hands, make sure to finish each rep by fully extending your arms. Aim to complete 15 (perfect form) repetitions.

When to move on

Once you have reached 15 perfect repetitions  you are ready for some more complex, full body, body-weight exercises. We will be revealing more pro exercises over the next few days so keep an eye out.

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