More bean burger making to keep me entertained on rainy days

Bean Burgers made in Leicester

Sometimes when it’s cold and wet outside the best thing to do is find things to entertain you. When I’m stuck indoors I love to experiment with food. So as it’s been raining in Leicester today I decided to make some more bean burgers. This is my latest bean burger recipe.

These were made using an assortment of different canned beans, a couple of tablespoons of mixed spices and just enough rice flour so that it can be molded like a dough. mix it all together in a food processor (I use a Magimix). Once you have the dough, make a ball… flatten it down and cut it like a pizza into as many parts as you want. Each part will make one burger (Smaller ones cook better). Shape them into burger shapes using your hands and a clean chopping board/work surface.

Making Bean Burgers Picture 2

Store them in the fridge in grease proof bags (to keep them separated) for up to a week. Alternatively they will last months in the freezer.

To cook, put a little oil in a frying pan and shallow fry for a few mins each side.


These are high protein and will be great for maintaining your physique or building muscle. If you want to Lose weight you may want to consider a smoothie recipe as your next rainy day experiment.



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