Top 5 Weight Loss Myths

Top 5 Weight Loss Myths

It’s time to clear up those nasty mistruths and get your fat loss started!

There are so many myths out there and you are forgiven if you have fell victim to any of them as unfortunately it is hard for the average person to separate the myths from the truth. Now I am going to clear up some of the most well known mistruths.

1. “If I go to the gym, I can eat what I want.”

Unfortunately this is not true. Exercise has far less effect on body fat than most people give it credit for. I’m not saying it doesn’t help, but when it comes to weight loss it is almost all down to clever eating. If you eat badly, no matter what training you do you can still expect to carry on getting heavier.


2. “Aerobic exercise is the best exercise for losing weight.”

Aerobic exercise will increase your efficiency and endurance, but will do precious little towards fat loss. If you want to train for fat loss it is all about intensity rather than volume. Focus your efforts on strength training and interval training and with a good diet you will be well on your way to your fat loss goals.


3. “Weight loss is just calories in vs calories out.”

To see the body as a furnace is a mistake. Your body does not burn your food, it digests it. Not only are the calories on food labels not accurate when it comes to the energy your body absorbs, but the calorie expenditure is far more complex than people give it credit. Your dietary efforts should be focused on eating the right foods over portion size and calorie counting.


4. “Sit-ups are the best exercise for getting rid of belly fat.”

Sit-ups are not affective at getting rid of belly fat. In fact they are probably one of the least effective exercises. Your body did not put fat on your midsection through a lack of abdominal exercises and so working your abs is going to get you nowhere fast. The spot reduction myth has been fuelled by magazines and health clubs and it needs to end here. The magazines are only interested in telling you whatever will keep you reading and the gyms will happily provide abs classes if it means more member retention. Take it from me, If you want a flat stomach you have to drop fat all over and to do that you need to clean up your diet.


5.  “Going ‘low-carb’ is the best way to lose weight”

Now I would be lying if I said all low carb diets don’t work. Some of them do. However beware, they are dangerous to your health, short term and you are unlikely to maintain your result. A low carb diet is usually high in fats and proteins. This means a diet that is going to increase the acidity of your body (Dangerous!) and a diet very low in fibre (Big Danger!!). Not only this, but it is likely almost all of your food will be cooked, meaning you will be lacking essential nutrients and enzymes.


There are so many myths out there regarding fitness and weight loss, it is hard to know what to follow. Luckily this site is here to help you. If you would like to know effective ways of losing weight, permanently without risking your health, have a read of some of the other articles on the website and you will be frequently updated with useful tips.

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