Chest won’t grow? Five rules for getting HUGE PECS FAST!!

Chest won't grow

Written by:
Mike Kirk, experienced personal trainer & weight loss coach
Tom Joka, personal trainer & competitive Athlete.

1. Make your chest the focus of your training.

If your chest is lagging, it will never catch up unless you make it a priority. Organize your training week around your chest and you will give it the head start it needs to catch up.

2. Work on the opposing muscle groups.

If your chest becomes too strong your shoulder joints could have problems. One theory is that if your opposing muscles aren’t strong enough, your chest will be forced to plateau. Putting more work into your traps, lats and surrounding muscles could be all you need to smash those plateaus and start tearing through that t-shirt!

3. Vary your exercises, training methods & hand position.

Single-arm Duo

Your muscle gains will quickly plateau if you hang on to the same old routines so you must be sure to switch it up. At Sculpt & Shape we recommend changing your routine every four weeks, but there are a few things to consider. When changing your programme often small changes are as effective as large ones (changes should ideally be added progressively). Just a slight change in hand positioning can leave you aching for the next few days and even just altering your rep timing can add on a significant amount of beef.

Below are a list of variables you can manipulate to smash through your pectoral plateaus:

…tempo, rest, sets, reps, methods, volume, intensity, equipment, positions, angles, tensions, grips & widths.

4. “The best exercise is the one you do”.

We are often asked “what is the best exercise for growing your chest?”. Well there are some good ones and some bad ones, but above all it is most important that you pick one and make progress. Although it is important to vary your exercises, switching methods and exercises constantly will get you nowhere. NO PROGRESS = NO GAINS! & PROGRESSIVE PROGRESS = LONG TERM SUCCESS. So if you want to see muscle fast, stick to just a few chest exercises for four weeks and concentrate on making progress! Sometimes less is more, and consistency is the key to positive change.


5. Stretch your chest!

This is a lesser known method of packing on chest muscles fast, but we have experienced the vast results repeatedly. By stretching your pecs you achieve two goals in one. Firstly by opening up the chest you will improve your posture and therefore your body will allow you to strengthen your chest without the risk of destabilising your shoulder joints. Secondly you will stretch the fascia (a structure of connective tissue that surrounds your muscles), thus allowing your muscles to grow bigger and potentially faster. This is also one of the theories behind “muscle memory”. Once the fascia has been stretched, even if the muscle has atrophied (you have lost muscle), the muscle will quickly & easily return to its largest size upon resuming correct training and nutrition.

The last word.

If your chest won’t grow or it just isn’t keeping up with the rest of your body these five rules will take you a long way to breaking through those plateaus and pumping up those pecs. If you are still interested in learning more about how to pack on size take a look at our blog.

Also if you would like some help “sculpting” a programme, get in touch and we will prepare something to suit your needs.

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