Embarrassed about your sparrow arms? 5 easy tips to grow your guns!

Jealous Arms

Are your arms skinnier than your girlfriend’s? A common problem amongst men is feeling that their arms are just too skinny. Whether you are looking for a full “bicep makeover” or just a couple of extra inches to impress the ladies, you have come to the right place. Here we will let you into the five most vital bicep bulging tips!


  1. Finish your reps

Skinny Bench Press

The most common reason we have come across for disproportionately skinny arms is lazy partial reps. Though this technique has it’s rare uses, in most cases the reasons behind it are laziness and ego (lifting too heavy). Not finishing your reps means you are not contracting all of the muscles involved in the movement. For example not contracting at the top of your bench press means you are missing out on those “t-shirt tearing” triceps. Feel the squeeze on every rep of each lift and you will soon be getting more size from your exercise.


  1. Train them more frequently

Being a small muscle group, your arms are actually capable of recovering faster than areas such as your back, chest and legs. Training them more regularly will allow you to hit them at the peak of recovery and therefore you’ll quickly smash through your strength and size goals.


  1. Make it harder

At Sculpt & Shape we love to add a challenge to our programmes. If you can already do an exercise it’s time to add a little difficulty. Here are a few great ways to do this:

  • Move from machines to free-weights

  • Move from free-weights to body-weight

  • Destabilize by taking yourself off balance

  • Have a friend add extra resistance during easier phases of your reps


  1. Switch your grips

Slightly altering technique can really shock your body into making size gains. Swap those “biceps curls” for “hammer curls” and with your “triceps pressdowns” substitute the bar for a rope. Every little change counts, but once you change the exercise, be consistent! Make sure to stick with the new technique for 4 weeks and make progress with your lifts. If you have plateaus in arm size switching your grips could be the change you need to start growing again.


  1. Ditch the machines

If you know how we train at Sculpt & Shape you’ll know we hate machines. They are boring, generic, highly limiting, likely to injure you, not to mention they are quite possibly the reason you aren’t growing. Moving your training style to free-weights or body-weight exercises will change your body forever. Though it can be tough to design an all-inclusive free-weight programme. The benefits are so noticeable, you will never go back to mundane machines again. So our advice is start training free and free your muscle!


The last word

Changing your exercises and fixing your form can be tricky, but we guarantee it will be hugely rewarding. Follow these 5 top tips and you will soon blast through those plateaus and your arms will no longer be something to hide. If you’re not a fitness buff and you need some help designing your arm workout. Get in touch and we’ll customise a workout plan especially to suit you.

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