Quick push-up tip for building your chest.


I see many people using push-ups to build their chests, but unfortunately most will not get the result they look for as their technique is majorly flawed. If you want to know how to push-up properly to get the results you want, follow these easy rules.

  • Keep your head neutral
  • Feet together or just slightly apart
  • Your body should be flat like a plank
  • Draw your shoulders back (towards your hips)
  • Your elbows should be level with your chest line (not your shoulders) <— Biggest mistake!
  • Your push-ups must be progressive – So increase intensity each session by raising feet (decline) or adding weight to your body (possibly a back pack or plate weight).

Good form and progression will change your chest forever. Try these tips and watch your chest grow! If you would like to know more advanced ways to increase the intensity of your push-ups, comment below.


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