Quick tip – What to do when you haven’t got time to train


Sometimes it’s easy to get out of the flow of training. It’s easy for life to become so busy there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to train. After a week you can quickly get into a habit of not training at all. This is where this quick tip can help.

At Sculpt & Shape we take a different approach to training and in most cases whether you are training for weight loss, strength or muscle gains it’s all about intensity & frequency rather than volume. You don’t need to be training for long to get all of the benefit of your workout. So if you have 5-10 mins spare, all you have to do each day is beat a personal best. Your body will adapt and you are still guaranteed the same result you would have received from a whole hour of training the same areas. If anything you now have more energy to repair and improve.

Yes this even works for weight loss, as most of the work is done through diet anyway. So whether it’s a trip to the gym or a short home workout, don’t waste time wishing you had more opportunity to train. Just “get down and give me 20!”

What are your favorite home exercises? Comment below!

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