Personal training as a vegan/vegetarian (Interview with Mike Kirk)

A quick look into how veganism/vegetarianism affects fitness & PT

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Mike Kirk is a Leicester based personal trainer and has experience in the fitness industry spanning over 13 years. He has been vegan for around 18 months although has been vegetarian since 2006 and has eaten virtually no dairy since he started. Mike trains meat eaters as well as a small number of vegetarians and vegans. We managed to get five minutes with Mike to ask him a few questions about how his nutritional views affect his clients’ training & results.

As a vegan personal trainer do your dietary views impact my clients?

Yes. Without doubt as a vegan/vegetarian PT my views are bound to affect how I advise my clients, however I never push my views onto others. I believe that being vegan has helped my clients enormously as unlike a lot of trainers I am thoroughly passionate about food. I cook/prepare (almost) everything from scratch and I encourage my clients to do the same. Eating this way helps a person to truly understand what they are eating.

Have you found a meat free/dairy free diet to aid in weight loss?

Yes. Before becoming vegan I always had to work hard to keep the weight off. I am a naturally addictive eater and I would be constantly craving. Since the change in diet I have found the cravings have almost completely gone. I am energetic while always feeling steady, not to mention the weight just stays off now. I put this down to understanding food now on a deeper level and preparing things from scratch.

Is it hard to put on muscle as a vegan/vegetarian?

Personal Trainer Leicester - Mike Kirk

No not at all. As long as the meals are well balanced I find it easy for me and my meat/dairy free clients to maintain muscle. Maybe easier than before. I think this is because an overall more healthy, conscious way of eating promotes more steady blood sugar levels, which are essential for maintaining and building muscle.

The last word…

If you would like to know more about training with mike or would just like to ask any questions regarding this article, feel free to comment below.

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