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Personal trainer Islington, Mike Kirk  has been working in fitness for the last 12 years. After working in Leicester as a personal trainer and building a successful business, Mike has moved his fitness training business and is now a personal trainer in Islington, London.

Money back promise

Guaranteed results, or your money back!

Not many trainers are daring enough to offer this, but Mike is so confident that you will be completely satisfied that he offers a complete money back guarantee! If you would like to know more, click the link.

Sculpt and Shape personal trainer Islington, money back guarantee!

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Monthly progress reports

Something you are unlikely to find with any other trainer is progress reports. Mike collects a tone of information throughout your training with him an puts together monthly reports. These reports consist of the following… Weight, body fat%, muscle mass, dietary progress and photos. This data is shown in a visual way to the client to help them to see what progress is being made. This report is a free service provided to anyone partaking in weekly training sessions.

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The unique approach…

Mike has always taken an unusual approach to personal training, just as he does with his own fitness/health routine. Though the results speak for themselves (see testimonials). As a strict vegan, Mike is extremely disciplined and this shows in his physique. Mike will not ask his clients to follow his lifestyle, Although he does expect clean living and hard work. He is very supportive and understanding to all of his clients and he makes himself available to respond to their questions/queries whenever he can.

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Nutritional support…

Though many people struggle to get the nutritional support they need from their personal trainers, Mike is able to guide them every step of the way toward their goal. Due to his own lifestyle he is also able to accommodate for people with less common dietary requirements such as vegetarians  and vegans.


Mike is currently personal training in Angel, Islington in London. The address is as follows:

6 Bath Street (off City Rd), Old St/Angel, Islington, London.

Contact Details…

The easiest way to get in touch would be through the contact page and he will get back to you.

Contact Mike Kirk directly on 07809446565

Alternatively you may call our free phone number: 0800 316 6770

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