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Who is Mike Kirk?

Personal trainer Leicester, Mike Kirk  is a leading fitness professional and weight loss expert. Mike has been working in the fitness industry for over 13 yrs and has worked as personal trainer for 8. Though Mike started personal training in Leicester, he also spent some time working as a trainer in North London. Mike has worked in 8 fitness facilities (6 in Leicester & 2 in London) and has built up a huge amount of trainer-client experience in this time.

Personal Training Experience:

  • 13 years in fitness industry
  • 7 years running PT business
  • Worked in 8 gyms (Personal training in Leicester & London)
  • Have trained: competitive athletes, runners, police, army, marines and many weight loss clients to achieve their goals.
  • Have some of the best testimonials in the business

Mike is a highly accomplished and experienced personal trainer in Leicester with a myriad of excellent weight loss accomplishments under his belt. Mike has trained clients in Leicester & London and is known for his personable nature.

Fitness Qualifications:

  • Advanced PT Level 3
  • Exercise nutrition Level  3
  • Circuts
  • Running
  • Spinning instructor
  • Kettlebell instructor
  • Swimming instructor

His Background

Mike was an overweight child and remembers having confidence issues due to the excess weight. Having no knowledge of food at the time at the same time as being free to eat what ever he wanted, his diet consisted of a lot of snack foods and take-outs. This also left him with further self-esteem issues due to having terribly bad skin. In his teens Mike’s father hired him a personal trainer and Mike threw himself into training at home and later in the gym. Soon he was achieving a much stronger leaner physique. Even when Mike had started working in fitness he was taking large amounts of supplements and still eating junk food. Soon his health took a turn for the worse and among other things Mike developed liver and heart problems. This is when everything changed. Mike stopped the supplements and spent hours every day studying to recover his health. This journey took years and it changed his life forever. Not only did Mike manage to recover his health, but his research changed his physique dramatically and since then mike has not only maintained an inspirational physique, he has been able to pass these methods on to his clients. Now Mike has arguably some of the best personal training client testimonials in the country. Steve 4 pics   Steve Dunkley achieved a loss of 22lbs in just 6 weeks training with Mike!

What others say about Mike as a personal trainer in Leicester

Mike is a well known personal trainer in Leicester and has a reputation for having a personable and kind nature. He is highly goal oriented and his clients are happy to vouch that he goes above and beyond each week to make sure they hit target. As a strict vegan this Leicester personal trainer is very diet oriented though he believes it is important not to push his views on others so many of his clients eat meat and still benefit from his guidance and speedy results. Personal trainer Leicester, Mike Kirk has arguably the best weight loss testimonials in the UK and continues to take his clients to their goals and sometimes further where necessary. If you are looking for personal training in Leicester click the “Get in touch” button and follow the steps.

Mike Kirk Leicester Montage

Get In Touch

Mike is available for the following personal training services:

  • Training at Abbey Sports & Leisure Club, Leicester
  • Personal training in your home – Leicester only

To learn what Mike can do for you get in touch here

Personal Trainer Leicester, Abbey Sports & Leisure (Slater St)

Slater Street Personal trainer Leicester Get In Touch

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