Personal Trainer North London

Personal Trainer North London
– Tom Joka

Tom Joka - Personal trainer North London

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Tom’s background:

Tom, our Personal trainer North London, has had an extensive interest and passion for sport, conditioning and physical activity. From being an athlete, coach, to completing a Sports Science degree and beginning a PhD, organising basketball camps and tournaments – to offering Personal Training today, this passion continues ….

Where he is based in North London:

Tom works as an independant personal trainer from an exclusive studio called “The Urban Fitness Co. Studio” The studio is based at Unit 32 Waterside, 44-48 Wharf Road, N1 7UX. The personal training studio is spacious, well equipped and open long hours.

Tom's Personal Training Studio

If you would like to visit the studio, just get in touch and we can arrange a free viewing and consultation.

His experience:

As an athlete Tom experienced various methods of training, as a student and part time lecturer he gained sound theoretical knowledge and enhanced his practical skills and personal experience by working in sports and gym settings with clients of varied abilities and goals. This combination has given Tom valuable insights, an in-depth understanding of training principles which enables him to distinguish between catchy fashionable fitness trends and no nonsense effective training and nutrition approaches.

His training specialities:

Functional Strength and Sports Conditioning, Body Composition Management (toning up, fat loss, muscle building) and nutrition, Olympic Weightlifting, KettleBells, Suspension Training, Corrective Training and Injury Prevention, using variety of equipment, training styles and methods to maximise your results.

His approach to personal training in North London:

Tom’s Approach is results driven, engaging, systematic and sensitive to individual needs and requirements.
Get in touch to book a consultation to discuss your personal goals and let me guide you towards the best route to attain them

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