Sugar Rush: Is Sugar to Blame for the Nation’s Increase in Obesity Cases?

In October 2011, the Department of Health voiced concerns about the rise of obesity and the strain that resulting health conditions had placed upon the NHS.

However, no significant changes were made and now the Royal College of Physicians estimate that it is costing the NHS in excess of £5 billion per year to treat conditions intrinsically linked with obesity, such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

As a personal trainer in North London, I have watched with great interest as the UK media spotlight has fallen upon the problem of obesity and its potential causes.

In December last year, the British Medical Association cautioned the government that changes would have to be made. It warned that – at our current rate – up to 40 per cent of the UK could be obese by 2025. If this became true, the NHS would be inundated with associated health problems, which it wouldn’t stand a chance of being able to treat, let alone afford.

As well as being a personal trainer in North London, I also take a keen interest in nutrition and diet because the clients that I help each have their own, individual needs; whether it be building muscle using natural foods like carrots or raisins instead of synthetic supplements, or wanting to know the best way to lose weight without becoming miserable.

As such, I’ve noticed that although there is a rich variety of food in North London, much of it is not labelled in a customer friendly manner. And, when packaging is labelled, it can be quite misleading. Products boast about lack of fat or salt, but neglect to inform customers about the high levels of sugar content.

Sugar is one of the biggest problems facing the UK – and the world – in its fight against obesity; especially the amount of sugar placed in otherwise innocuous foods such as cereal and yoghurt, which claim to be low fat and to promote good health. I find this extremely disconcerting.

In his popular 90 minute YouTube presentation entitled Sugar: The Bitter Truth, Professor Robert Lustig outlines the threat that sugar poses, its increased content in many of our products (particularly soft drinks) and the prevalence of high fructose corn syrup (a sweetening substance worse than natural sugar) in our food and drink. Lustig argues that, generally, people aren’t getting fat because they’re eating more food: we’re eating the same amounts that previous generations did. The problem is that there is so much more sugar in food than there used to be, and we can’t metabolise it properly. It’s in almost everything, even our daily bread!

Thankfully, things are set to change. In accordance with new guidelines from the EU, which include stipulations for additional information about nutrition to be included on our packaging, the British Food Consortium is now looking to increase public awareness about what is going into pre-prepared food.

The British Medical Association is hoping to take things a step further. It is urging the government to cut salt, sugar and hydrogenated fats; ban the advertising of junk food, and to make the ‘traffic light’ labels on packaging mandatory.

When clients approach me, wishing to lose weight, I explain that exercise alone won’t solve their problem. Eating well is essential and it’s likely that lifestyle changes will have to be made.

Therefore, make sure that you pay attention to which foods you are choosing to eat and what is in them. Pay attention to the ‘traffic light’ labelling system, including the portion sizes that are attributed to each measurement. Some labels seem like a great proposition until you realise that the measurements refer to a single slice or portion rather than the whole product!

For more information on food, please visit my diet tips area. Or, if you’re looking for a personal trainer in North London, take a look at the different packages I have available. There’s something to suit everyone!

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